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What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?
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22-Sep-2019, 2:25 AM
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22-Sep-2019, 3:08 AM
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Easterhay said:

Quicker to list the changes I don’t like.  They’re all in ESB.

The dialogue change from “Bring my shuttle” to “Alert my start destroyer to prepare for my arrival, and have my smoking jacket and slippers ready.  Oh, and put the kettle on for I should like a cup of hot chocolate, too.”  And the butchering of the subsequent chase scene.  All unecessary and I’d love to see them removed.

Other than that, I’m fine with everything.

ugh I hated that whole change, they cut the single most fiercely deliver line by Vader in the entire series! and totally cut up the pacing and music

i’d call that the single worst change

I don’t like Greedo shooting first or both shooting at the same time. Makes no sense! I mean Han is jsut supposed to sit there and let Greedo kill him? Greedo is supposed to miss from 2’ away?

I sort of miss the original x-wings in the Death Star battle.

The expolding DS didn’t really need the ring added.

I’m actually fine with Hayden ghost though.

Wasn’t crazy about the new Jabba palace song.

I don’t mind the somewhat busier Mos Eisley. It was always supposed to busy and bustling from day 1, Lucas just ran out of money. All the talk that Star Wars has to be half empty, nothing going on locations doesn’t really make any sense.

I’m fine with WOlfman gone from cantina.

The new windows and such for Cloud City are fine.

I don’t mind the Jabba seen in ANH, although it’s not really needed. Perhaps it does make ROTJ less suspenseful for first time viewers.

I love that they sort of brought back the close the blast doors stuff, but they still don’t have it like it originally was, which was best of all.

The new celebrations at the end of ROTJ are cool.

Bantha herds were a nice addition


Plenty of stuff was fine. But I do wish they had always given us the original cut as well. Sometimes you jsut want to get the full nostalgic pull of the original version. Sometimes you want to see the new stuff. Let us see it both ways whenver we chose.