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Attack of the Clones 35mm - on eBay, bought - and now project thread (a WIP)
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20-Sep-2019, 5:52 PM
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20-Sep-2019, 5:59 PM
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Here are a few frames I scanned in with a Nikon 2000 some years ago from bits of a film trailer, if anyone following this thread watns a look at perhaps vaguely what the full project here might look like (I haven’t ever scanned anything from the full final 35mm theatrical release reel for AOTC, with the different wedding scene, only these few scenes, scanning with a stills scanner is a slow process, from a scope trailer I got. These are the downscaled to 1920 across ones. Have the full size somewhere on my HD.):

in many ways the digital noise seems more apparent than the film grain, which isn’t quite as strong as maybe some might have thought (one nice thing about Nikon 2000 is that it uses diffuse lighting so it doesn’t overemphasize grain to an unnatural degree to the extent that a non-diffuse lit still scanner would, like when I first did stuff with my older lower model Nikon it made grain galore and the scans showed way more grain than was apparent during actual projection since the harsh light bounced off the grain at bad angles, wet drum scanners should likely also treat grain more naturally as well, but those make my Nikon 2000 look cheap); the resolution is not great, blu-rays are better, but they go all digital, this trailer probably had an added film stage or two and perhaps they also rush out trailers with less care