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Smithers' Prequel Fanedits (a Work In Progress)
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18-Sep-2019, 1:24 AM

WHOAOAOA lil update folks alright so life is busy being an adult and stuff these things happen BUT I have amazing news, I have a new job in ad design and marketing which means my work pays for adobe creative cloud, I’m currently learning after effects and premiere for my profession and my film-related ambitions! This edit has been a rocky road, losing a hard drive and switching editing software for the third time is quite frustrating but adobe is what I’ve always wanted and could never afford. I’m going to make my wildest fan editing dreams come true very quick here, and I can’t wait to have this damn project out.

I haven’t let any circumstances defeat me, I really wanna fix these movies, I have a deep love-hate relationship with them lol. I’ve been mostly lurking the radical redux thread and occasionally scanning through fanedit pages on youtube, vimeo, and reddit, I must say you guys have come up with some really good stuff and assembled many more resources for my disposal which I am extremely thankful for. 😃

Before I get into any intricate editing, I plan on tackling all the major after effects projects that I need first and releasing them to y’all, this includes:

  • many scenes with jar jar painted out (all scenes on tatooine and coruscant at least)
  • removing kid anakin from the end battle (painting out any glimpses of him running around)
  • removing yoda from any and all scenes that function without
  • adding count dooku into TPM scenes
  • finishing the building c3p0 deleted scene (if possible)
  • removing two beasts from the arena sequence in AOTC
  • changing mace windu’s saber to blue in ROTS
  • more to come…

If you guys have any special effects ideas you wanna run by me, I’ll let ya know if it’s achievable by me or not. I’ll keep y’all more posted from here on out.