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SW: Beyond Trilogy (Episodes X, XI, and XII)
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15-Sep-2019, 8:20 PM

Hello. This is the final act of my Episode X, From the Unknown. After this, it may be some time (can’t say how long) before I put anything up for Episode XI (mainly because I don’t have much than some plot points in my head). That being said, I do hope you like this.

Under Morga, the Grysk begin their assault on the combined forces of the New Republic/replacement and the Chiss Ascendancy. The battle is fierce, with the Grysk using their fighter-walker deployments attacking both ships. Scillia and Corban fly in on their shuttle/vessel, shooting down any targets, and it is during the battle that the clone, armed with the green saber of Luke Skywalker, departs from his friends to face off Morga, avoiding the Grysk main force.

Climax - Morga comes across the clone, taunting him as “a copy of a legend,” to which the clone responds that “people often forget the man.” The two engage in a lightsaber duel, the clone able to bob and weave around Morga’s assault, but the fight remains a stalemate, as does the battle itself. In the battle, the Grysk task force realize they are being overwhelmed and eventually fall back and retreat to their main fleet, yet they have gained knowledge of their new enemies and new possible expansions of their fleet. Among their actions, they set up the self-destruct on their main flagship to avoid it falling into enemy hands.

Eventually, just as Corban and Scillia arrive to see the duel, the beams and metal fall on the two opponents, and the clone is able to use the Force to stop them all. Morga, in awe and surprise, asks who the clone really is, to which the clone replies, “I am Luke Skywalker. Always have been. Always will be.” Then, the clone Skywalker falters, as the genetic mutation and degradation takes it toll, and Morga retreats from the battle and boards her personal starfighter, but Scillia shoots at it, sending the fallen Jedi’s ship off course when she tries to escape into hyperspace. With everything is collapsing around them, Scillia tries to save the clone Luke Skywalker, but he tells her to run and says “I’ve made things right, this time,” using the Force to push her and Corban back into their vessel, as they escape.

With the battle won, our heroes try to recover from their losses. Scillia wishes to return home, but she is immediately denied by the commander of the Chiss Ascendacy, saying they want her to be an ambassador to the New Republic/whatever it is. Accepting her destiny, Scillia proceeds to begin her Jedi training under the few good Jedi who helped during the battle.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Morga finds herself on a world covered in dark clouds and filled with a graveyard of ancient starships. There, in the shadows of one ship, a voice speaks: “Welcome.”