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15-Sep-2019, 11:57 AM

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exitzero said:

*If you are adding female rebel pilots, consider re-voicing a stormtrooper, or better yet a biker scout, with a
woman’s voice. I wanted to suggest that for ESB:R but it was too late.

I don’t think the Empire is an “equal opportunity” kinda regime…

I don’t see why not.

Yeah. They’re probably a wonderful group who’s had their name unjustly slandered by those Rebel terrorists. All the Emperor wants is equality and happiness for everyone.
And these awful movies dare to paint the Rebel as heroes while the Empire is constantly compared to the Nazis. Shame. Coulda’ been a great series.

Anything that makes the Empire seem nicer would be a welcome change.

I don’t see how Imperials drafting women as well as men makes them seem nicer.

But doesn’t the exclusion of women make them seem more sinister?
Is it really just me?

I mean, if it was in contrast to a Rebellion filled with a healthy parity of men and women, maybe, but considering how few women are actually shown the Alliance, the Imperial gender makeup kinda just feels like an extension of the OT’s general, inadvertent sausage-fest nature (rather than an intentional, story-driven decision).

We see women in the Rebellion in many different roles. Spies, gunners, and even Top Brass. Ady’s returning female voices to female pilots. Sure, there could be more, but female representation is clearly there.

Let’s say we see about a hundred people in the rebellion total across the three movies. How many of them are women? 4?