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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends UK Series 1-2 Original Broadcast Version Reconstruction
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13-Sep-2019, 8:42 AM

alloneword said:

After an extended break, I decided to pick up Series 1 again which is requiring more work than Series 2 and 3. This is mainly due to the VHS yellow line transition effects which merge into the DVD episode footage which has to be done frame-by-frame and recently deciding to remaster the audio separately with Audacity just like I did with S2 & 3.

I’ve just finished Episodes 1-8 (Thomas & Gordon AoS) and will begin the remaining episodes as soon as, then my project will be done. If I can get these done by the 35th Anniversary (9th October) that would be nice.

I’m also still open to any better sources anyone can offer me to use, such as higher quality original masters from from DVD sources, etc.

If anyone wants to see what I’ve done so far, PM me.

Hope there will be a nameboard sequence in between “Percy Runs Away” and “Coal”, but still, can’t wait to see this.