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11-Sep-2019, 9:00 PM

Well, I guess I’m still new enough here. My first experience with Star Wars was renting Ep1 from Hollywood Video when I was 9 and liking it enough that when they stopped being rented my parents bought it for me. I saw Ep2 in theaters on my birthday, months after it had been released and Skipped school to see Ep3 on opening day. I saw 4-6 on Summer vacations after seeing 1 but could only watch them when my parents were at work. I can remember trying for months to finish 6, every time I’d put it on my dad would come home. Luckly back then, VHS remembered where you left off, even though some times I’d think I had enough time to watch it from the beginning and then be wrong and have to stop. I never liked conventions but forced myself to go to Celebration 5 when I heard about it, and that con pulled me out of the depression I was getting into around then. Since then, I’ve gone to all of them, and enjoyed being around Star Wars people and in that environment.

My favorite character is Anakin/Vader I just love his story of falling into the darkness and then rising from it at the end.