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Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)
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11-Sep-2019, 8:27 AM
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11-Sep-2019, 8:29 AM
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MalàStrana said:

As I am thinking about the alternate audio track I made for V5, I’ve just found the following that I could duplicate for V6 (most of my V5 changes are no longer relevant for V6):

  • Replace Padmé’s “Ani” with “Anakin” taken from the deleted scene (All channels)

  • Add eerie motif at Kamino from McNeely’s “Imperial City” (All channels)

  • Replace ending cue with McNeely’s “Imperial City” excerpt (All channels)

As soon as I find time, I’ll try to do it.

Finally found time to do it. Currently in the work (not gonna take long; Hal’s v6 has implemented one change and fixed and other changes are not longer relevant with the scene that are back into the cut); luckily I kept the uncompressed files of each separate channel, so quality wise it’s gonna be the same as before. The export will be ac3 since I don’t have the tool to do it in lossless dts quality. As soon as Hal has finished and shared his EpIII edit(s ?), I’ll will make the same slight alternate track.