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Cameron Samurai
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Men in Black - Mission : International
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11-Sep-2019, 5:22 AM
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11-Sep-2019, 5:23 AM
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Cameron Samurai
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This edit needs a lot more work than just a sound modification, lots of hard cuts with minimal if no transitions to cover the joints, some parts were out of synch, the use of “Black Suits Comin” didn’t completely drown out the established background music in the suit-up scene, there’s a bit near the end where K is clearly saying something but we miss what it is entirely.

It has legs though, the ideas are strong, and if the cuts could be smoothed over, I think you’ve definitely got an improved movie here, something more in line with the spirit of the original movies, and T saving the day is actually a much better ending and shows how flimsily tacked on the original climax was.

So yeah, cut it together a bit better and you’d be good to go.