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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disney Theme Park)
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10-Sep-2019, 7:07 PM

captainsolo said:

I think that as said above the distinct lack of energy and vibrancy is a major problem. The thought of going to a park which is teeming with life/activity/droids/scum and villainy like a real spaceport is MUCH more like it.

While I fundamentally disagree on the issue of content as it relates to the sequel trilogy, the lack of energy is a fair criticism, and unfortunately comes down to a lot of eleventh hour budget cuts imposed by the current president of Disney Parks. There were plans for autonomous roaming droids, stunt shows, and more characters and creatures populating the land, but Bob Chapek – who has quickly gained a reputation as something of a miser – pulled the ripcord and refused to hire the performers necessary to fill these roles.

The most frustrating thing is that the infrastructure is all there in plain sight in the land, it’s just not being used. There are stages and performance spaces around just about every corner of the outpost, there are props and set pieces placed conspicuously close to doorways that hide the beacons that would have told the droids areas to avoid. The grand opening press event in California featured one of the stunt shows that has yet to materialize for the general public, and similarly the opening in Florida featured a full Hondo Ohnaka walk-around character costume that – again – has not shown up since then. There’s all of this stuff that they spent the time and money to develop and have basically ready to go, but none of it’s online because the guy holding the purse strings is too cheap to hire performers.