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The Kenobi Movie Show
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10-Sep-2019, 4:16 AM

DominicCobb said:

Honestly, after mulling over the potential for a Kenobi series for awhile now, it’s kind of hard to imagine it as a movie anymore. In my mind this should be a low-key serialized miniseries, without a lot of characters and locations - mostly just focused on Obi/Ben and his life. That kind of more interior and gradual sort of storytelling tends to play much better on the small screen when it comes to sci-fi/fantasy. A theatrical feature might give the temptation for giant blockbuster level shenanigans, which probably wouldn’t be very fitting for this story.

I agree with all of that. For me, Ben was his best in 77 being the experienced voice in the story. I don’t really remember TPM and never saw the other two prequels, so I don’t know how he’s portrayed after 77.

This could be really interesting as a sort of calmer and more cerebral entry into the TV side. McGregor looks the part now.