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Cameron Samurai
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Avengers: Cosmic Quest (a WIP)
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10-Sep-2019, 4:13 AM
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13-Aug-2020, 7:39 AM
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(contains spoilers for the movie)

The intent is to create an Avengers edit where there is only one casualty (Widow), Tony living, less moaning from Thor the focus is chiefly only on the core Avengers and their few allies.

The main beats:

-We open the movie with the support group, five years have already passed. This is largely because I want to present Thanos in this movie at peak efficiency rather than open with him in a weakened state, besides this version of Thanos’ fate is reprised later in the film when Thanos is looking through our Nebula’s data records.

-Lots of little nips and tucks to reduce humour or otherwise humiliating moments for Thor, though I had to keep in his spiel when discussing the reality stone. A little of his reunion with his mother is left intact to maintain his arc in Asguard but other than that, it’s “get in, get out” without much fuss.

-In the final battle, it is Steve who defeats Thanos using Thor’s hammer, the defeat comes before any of the other heroes can arrive.

-Footage of Tony and his daughter in the forest outside his house repurposed for the end of the movie, it also connects pretty nicely with the scene where Cap readies himself to return to the branched timelines with the stones.

-End credits trimmed seeing as not many of the heroes make it into this cut