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Men in Black - Mission : International
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9-Sep-2019, 4:46 PM
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12-Sep-2019, 6:21 PM
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Men in Black - Mission: International
Tag – Same Job, New Team
A fan edit of Men in Black International to make it feel more like the original trilogy.

New Runtime - 1h30 with Credits
OG Runtime - 1h55

What has been removed?

  • Any refinance to H being changed
  • Any jokes by M at the franchise expense
  • M’s more annoying jokes. She still says jokes, but that’s not what defines her character
  • H is now more of the ‘straight man’ like K was in 1-3. H still light and does joke, but it’s not what defines his character
  • T is no longer evil – the film ends at the moment H and M are saved by T
  • Pawny has been removed as much as he could be

What has been added?

  • Mystery’s in History from MiB2 has been added at the beginning and the end
  • J and K watching this ‘episode’ from MiB2 has been added at the end
  • Music from MiB and MiB2 score and Will Smith songs from 1 and 2 have been added

What has been moved?

  • H and T saving the world from the Hive has now been moved to the middle
  • M being brought back to NYC and H gets promoted moved to being a mid-credit scene

It is done rendering. PM if you want to watch it.

Edit as of 9/11
After watching the edit with speakers and not headphones I have realized that the audio sounds from Men In Black 2 are soft. I will fix this and update. Also I forgot to remove a scene where C says H has changed in the war room. I will fix this and then edit this post again when 2.0 has been rendered. As it stands you can watch 1.0 if you’d like. You just need to turn the volume up beginning and the end f the movie to hear it clearly. Unless you are using headphones. As well as when the flashback scene starts and ends the black bars turn white. I need to fix that as well.

As of 9/11 816pm
I’ve fixed the audio, added in a scene or two to fix the transition errors, and removed the reference to H being different in the war room. It takes a few hours to render. 1.0 is still available, but 2.0 will be up tomorrow 9/12 in the pm.

As of 9/12 621pm
2.0 is live. If anyone would like to watch it, just ask 😃