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a News thread for all things Technology & Internet related...
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9-Sep-2019, 10:04 AM

a round-up of some of the Russian-based interference in other states’ affairs over the past few years (and likely to come again soon…)

‘Russian “troll slayer” goes undercover at troll factory, finds hundreds working in rotating shifts’ (March 2019):-


‘The trolls are winning, says Russian troll hunter’ - at the Pri website (March 2019)

‘The St. Petersburg Troll Factory Targets Elections from Germany to the United States’ - at the euvsdisinfo website (April 2019)

‘Project Veritas Is Breaking Facebook’s “Authentic Behavior” Rule. Now What?’ - at the intercept website (June 2019)

‘Web of deceit: disinformation could prove the most powerful weapon of all’ - at The Spectator website (August 2019)

a little wider background on the issue…

‘Former employees expose inner workings of Russian troll farm’ - at the abc news website (2017)

‘Meet The Activist Who Uncovered The Russian Troll Factory Named In The Mueller Probe’ - at the NPR website (2018)

‘The Russians Who Exposed Russia’s Trolls’ - at the medium website (2018)

‘How Russian Trolls Used Meme Warfare to Divide America’ - at Wired website (2018)

‘Russian trolls who interfered in 2016 U.S. election also made ad money, report says’ - at the nbc news website (2019)



Brave accuses Google of trampling Europe’s GDPR with stealthy netizen-stalking adverts’:-

Our ads? Stomping on people’s privacy? Never! Not us! sobs search giant (as ever with The Reg, the comments section is always worth a read too)