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Random PT ideas
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8-Sep-2019, 4:37 PM

Sounds cool! I like the idea of Maul having so many clones, they keep dying but they keep coming back.

SparkySywer and I are working on a “canon rewrite” called “Death of the Author”, where we revamp everything to save the OT. You can join the discord here: Anyway, I’ll talk a bit with what we’ve come up with.

We came to the realization that ANH sets up two conflicts: The Clone War, and the Fall of the Republic. We think this is too messy for a PT rewrite. You have to set up an entire Clone Wars conflict, and then conclude it in time for the Fall of the Republic. In your rewrite, for instance, you have Maul going up against Obi-Wan and Anakin in a three-way duel. This is because you’ve built up the Clonemasters and Maul as a serious villain. Or take Lucas’s version, where the Clone Wars is barely utilized and throws off the story by introducing random antagonists.

Our solution is the Republic loses the Clone Wars, kickstarting the Empire. This solves a ton of issues, as the Clone Wars and Fall of the Republic become one, and not through some Rube-Goldberg conspiracy by Palpatine. Here is our rough draft for the trilogy:

Episode I: The Clone War
-Based on the Seven Samurai, as ANH is on the Hidden Fortress.
-The Sith Empire has invaded the Republic with the help of a Clone Army. Having taken Coruscant off-screen, they are now going around the galaxy ransacking planets.
-Alderaan is a neutral world but is surprised attacked by the Empire nonetheless.
-This alerts Jedi Master Rahm Kota, who, desperate for heroics, recruits his old comrades for a “suicide mission”. The Jedi include reluctant pessimist Mace Windu, young idealist Obi-Wan, warriors Kit Fisto, and Aayla Secura, and psychic Shaak Ti.
-While rescuing Secura from an Imperial transport, Obi-Wan meets Anakin, who shows he has the force and asks to be a Jedi. Obi-Wan accepts, despite disapproval from the other Jedi.
-Padme is the commander of the Alderaan resistance who dislikes the Jedi for only helping them not that the Sith are involved. However, she bonds with Anakin who is not tied to the Jedi Dogma.
-Together the Jedi and Alderaan Resistance win a massive three-phased battle against the Empire, with Kota sacrificing himself to kill Maul.

Episode II: The Rise of Vader
-Despite some victories like Alderaan, the Republic is losing the war. They hold a massive space battle with the Empire and lose.
-Shaak Ti is injured, and tells the three surviving Jedi, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Mace, that they must kill her in front of the Empire to trick the Sith into believing they have turned to darkness. That is the only way they can live. They must then infiltrate the Empire: a la Jon Snow with the Wildings.
-The three Jedi learn the ways of the dark side, parallelling Yoda’s training in ESB.
-Eventually, they graduate and head to Coruscant, where we learn the internal workings of the Empire are a disaster. Emperor Revan conquered the Republic because he is a warrior, not a leader. The sickly Palpatine warns Revan the Empire is going to collapse, but he will not listen.
-Palpatine befriends Anakin, and eventually, the two become friends. When Anakin learns Mace is betraying both sides to the criminal underworld, Palpatine suggests Anakin dawn a mask - Vader - and confront him. He does.
-Now developing a split personality between Anakin and Vader, he agrees to “save” the Empire and leads a coup against Revan. Palpatine is installed as Emperor. Obi-Wan is horrified, but the two friends do not fight. Obi-Wan walks away.

Episode III: The Dark Times
-Ten years after Episode II, Anakin is married to Padme with a newborn child. He is happy. But at night, he dons the mask of Vader and becomes a terror among those opposing the New Galactic Oder. Vader is slowly consuming Anakin, and the only thing keep him sane is his family.
-One day Padme learns of Vader. Horrified, she calls an old friend - Obi-Wan - and gives him Baby Luke. Anakin accidently kills Padme in his rage.
-Obi-Wan is now on the run across the Empire with Baby Luke, while an unhinged Vader is on his tail. This film has far fewer stakes than the ones before it. The Empire or Resistance doesn’t really care about Baby Luke, only Obi-Wan and Anakin.
-The fighting concludes with Obi-Wan and Anakin fighting to the death.

You can find a larger outline for Ep 1 here: