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Taking a stand against toxic fandom (and other )
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8-Sep-2019, 12:24 PM
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screams in the void said:

except you left out the part where I clearly stated " I understand that some people genuinely do not like the direction of the new films,or the decisions of those making them , and have some ligitimate criticisms,but this is not the place to heir those concerns , you probably SHOULD start your own topic to express your views and if you are of a mind to take a stand and stick up for the aforementioned people making the movies and the people that like them that ARE being harrassed, then this is the place for it ."

That statement doesn’t change your definition of toxic fandom, though. It in essence just states, that not all those, that express negative views are part of the toxic fandom, but this thread is not about those views. However, the definition of toxic fandom you use, excludes those toxic fans, that insult, berate and harass those that dislike the movies. These people are not addressed in the above statement either. It’s not that you choose to exclude those people from the discussion in this thread, that bothers me. It’s that you exclude them from the definition of toxic fandom in general, that I take issue with.

That is why I applaud the article Anchorhead posted:

It in my view rightly defines toxic fandom in the way fans engage with creators, and other fans in general, not across the line of like and dislike for a specific work.