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SW: Beyond Trilogy (Episodes X, XI, and XII)
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8-Sep-2019, 12:15 AM

Hello, again! This post is continuing into act 2 of Star Wars Episode X: “From the Unknown.” Enjoy!

Taken to the secret base of the shattered First Order, Scillia, Corban, and NX-D9 are imprisoned. Scillia is meant to be experimented for her Force powers, Corban to be interrogated for his knowledge of the galaxy’s status, and NX-D9 to be picked apart to find any knowledge on the fallen Jedi Morga and have its memory wiped. In the case of the first, Scillia, in her cell, hears a voice call out to her, one that speaks in Basic yet she can still understand it clearly. For Corban, he is interrogated by the Master of the Knights of Ren, to whom Corban laughs and mocks them for turning away from Skywalker’s path. The Knight of Ren interrogating him says that Skywalker betrayed them, and proceeds to torture him for information about Morga.

Speaking of Morga, she arrives in orbit of the base with the Grysk, using the shuttle that Corban left behind. The Grysk stays behind, while Morga dons a spacesuit and goes into space to destroy the window of the bridge of the FO ship she first encountered over Moraband. Mostly everyone is sucked out, and Morga glides onto the bridge before the doors slammed down and the bridge is pressurized. With the doors sealed off, Morga uses the Force to mind control the rest of the crew and have them ram their ship onto the planet which the FO base is.

Pinch 1 - With Morga crashing the ship, Scillia manages to escape in the chaos and find the droid first, now in full form with limbs and all, before they go to retrieve Corban. It also during their escape that they encounter the Grysk after Scillia, forcing the trio into the base’s secret cloning facility filled with vats of clones, which the Grysk follows after them into. There, Scillia manages to see a cloaked figure by one of the vats, the figure inside it disfigured from genetic mutation like the rest yet alive and thinking unlike the others. When Scillia approaches,the figure disappears, and the Grysk appears to attack her, forcing her to break open the vat using a blaster. The man, now free, uses the Force to push the Grysk back into other cloning vats that ultimately kill him, and the man retrieves a cloak from a dead Knights of Ren and leaves with the trio onto the shuttle that Corban initially used. However, Morga has decimated the FO and the Knights of Ren, leaving only the trainees and recruits left to gain their starcharts about the Grysk task force they were trying to meet.

Midpoint - Using the shuttle, our heroes escape to Known Space. Scillia tries to talk to the clone, who introduces himself as Owen, but Corban tells her not to-the droid translating-as he’s a clone. When Scillia asks for more, Corban remains silent but appears to know more. That is when they arrive on the planet of the New Republic/its successor, called Taris (from KotOR). There, they find themselves meeting with a few other Jedi, who look down on Corban (who is revealed to have been a former student of Rey’s long ago) and disregard the clone as a nobody. However, they take interest in Scillia as they note her Force abilities.

Pinch 2 - Morga finds herself meeting with the Grysk fleet, stating she wants to find the source of the darkness in exchange for allowing them to conquer Known Space in the name of “their Dark Redeemer.” Morga first proves this by helping fight off forces of the Chiss Expansionary Fleet.

Plot Point 2 - The Chiss fleet finds themselves at Taris, following the signature left by Scillia. Reunited with her people, Scillia is happy, but it is short-lived as the Chiss inform her and the people of Known Space regarding their encounter with the Grysk. Seeing the situation, the two form a reluctant alliance, helped by the convincing of Scillia and co.