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trillary dump
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Return of the Jedi 1997 Special Edition HD Reconstruction
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3-Sep-2019, 1:43 AM
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12-Oct-2019, 12:24 PM
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trillary dump
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Hi everyone!

As the title suggests this is an HD reconstruction of the 1997 version of ROTJ. This is a project I’ve been intending to do for a while now and I finally have something that I can call watchable. Since there are two very well made reconstructions of the 97 versions of ANH and ESB (thanks to Harmy, Team Blu, and Adywan) I figured ROTJ needed a reconstruction done in some capacity!

I used 3 sources for this project:

  • DNR version of 4k83 (for scenes that weren’t altered in the 97 edition i.e. Shaw force ghost, theatrical “A long time ago” text)
  • 2004 HDTV broadcast provided by schorman

There are still a few things that need to be done to make this reconstruction complete (if anyone would be willing to help with these things send me a message!) :

  1. Adding theatrical style subtitles for when Jabba says, “Ah! Do that again!” before the Jedi Rocks scene (DONE thanks to Schorman for helping!)
  2. Zooming in and color correcting the Gkar broadcast clip so the black bars and color are consistent with the other scenes before and after it (DONE, using ZigZig’s ld merge for all scenes of planets celebrating)
  3. Syncing to the DTS and Laserdisc audio (DONE)
  4. Color correct entire film to match the Gkar version of ROTJ (In progress)

I’m not sure how long it’ll take for me to get around to doing these things that still need to be done since I am busy with college classes at the moment, but I’ll get around to it eventually!

Video dimensions: 1280x720p, 23.976fps
File Size: 14gb mkv

PM me for a link and share some feedback here if you’d like. Thanks!