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SW: Beyond Trilogy (Episodes X, XI, and XII)
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Hello there! This is just a continuation of my previous post. Here I will be going into the first act of Episode X. This is a plot synopsis but I hope you like it.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


Episode X

From the Unknown

A fractured galaxy. Since the defeat of the First Order, many have tried to bring together the star systems affected by the great conflict. Among them, the Jedi are beginning to regroup and have brought it upon themselves to impose their own sense of justice on lawless worlds.

With few allies, the dying First Order seeks new allies in the UNKNOWN REGIONS of the galaxy. They have already established contact with aliens who promises them amazing technology.

Far from civilization, two from each side meets with plans of glory. Unbeknownst to them, a wild card appears in her own search for power…

Inciting Incident - Scillia is used by the Grysk, along with other aliens from the Unknown Regions for them to meet with the First Order over a desolate planet. It is during this meeting that the fallen Jedi Morga appears, searching for the supposed source of the Dark Side, which she first believes is Moraband. She attacks and interrupts the meeting, allowing Scillia to escape with a few other slaves, to which Morga regards with apathy. Scillia is sadly the only one left, as she buries the other slaves and meets with translator droid disregarded the FO, NX-D9.

Left on the planet, Scillia tries to get to know the droid, who communicates using a Sy Bisti dialect that she’s familiar with. The droid is available to learn about the Chiss from Scillia and is surprised to see her treating him with more respect than his previous masters, as the Chiss believe that machines are used to uplift their society and help them in their everyday lives. A few days pass, with Scillia barely able to find water, and she does, the water tastes like it was burning and acid in her mouth. It is during this time that she comes across a Grysk, one abandoned by his allies and tried to capture all the escaping slaves. Scillia manage to barely escape, leaving the Grysk in a deep ditch.

Eventually, a shuttle (maybe like the one from Rogue One) landing elsewhere, and out of it comes Corban Jast, a pilot for the New Republic/Galactic Alliance/whatever gov’t exists after the sequel trilogy. Searching for Morga, he explores the planet for a bit, wondering why she would even come here and eventually coming across both Scillia and the droid, who were just chased by the Grysk.

After calming down, Scillia manages to communicate with Corban. With help from the droid, both agreed to work together and explore the world. Eventually, the trio come across a deep valley filled with broken statues and old tombs. It is then that Corban recognizes the world in horror: Moraband, homeworld of the Dark Lords of the Sith. Corban takes the lead into the tombs, with Scillia asking just what is a Sith, to which Corban responds with “bad people who use their powers for themselves and end up destroying themselves.” It is in the Valley of the Dark Lords that Corban tells Scillia to wait while he goes off to find Morga in one of the tombs, perhaps one made for Darth Bane, the first Dark Lord of the Sith, one made for Darth Vader.

Plot Point 1 - While Corban tries to spy on Morga, Scillia finds Morga’s starfighter/Corban’s ship and tries to send out a beacon, so her people could find her. This garners the attention of the First Order ship still nearby Moraband as they arrive, and Scillia goes to warn Corban, still spying on Morga who cracks her kyber crystal. It is during this moment that Corban tries and fails to shoot Morga, who mocks him for using a blaster and “ignoring his gifts.” As the trio is then captured by the First Order, Morga seemingly disappears to find the lost and wounded Grysk, using the Force to probe his mind and says “tell me more about these… Grysk.”