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If you could change one thing about every movie, what would it be?
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31-Aug-2019, 12:38 PM
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31-Aug-2019, 12:44 PM
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TPM - No potty humour.

AOTC - Include the scenes at Padme’s parent’s house and have it written in ROTS that it would be too dangerous to leave Leia on Naboo with them.

ROTS - Include the deleted scenes of Padme and the Rebel Alliance. She deserves more.

ANH - The lightsaber fight.

TESB - No siblings kissing. Find another way to make Han jealous.

ROTJ - Have Boba survive on screen and track down the heroes on Endor. A final confrontation between Han and Boba to enter the shield generator would’ve been amazing.

TFA - I guess no Starkiller Base superweapon.

TLJ - Cut out the ‘Godspeed Rebels’ or at least find another way to wish the Resistance well, ‘Bastard’, Luke’s wonky walk after tossing the lightsaber, and the your momma humour.