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Similarities Between the Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogy
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29-Aug-2019, 11:34 AM

Mocata said:

It’s nice that people enjoy these kinds of lists but it doesn’t make them feel the same or have the same kind of viewing experience. Beyond a few visual effects set pieces and John Williams moments. The entire Ring Theory idea is hilarious straw grasping from what I’ve read, while ironically showing that the films don’t hold up by themselves and need pages of fan theory gibberish to make them have anything compelling under the surface. The idea that any of the current movies are making the PT seem better in hindsight is also hilarious considering that they’ve managed to at least have memorable/likeable characters and discussions of the Force which aren’t outright embarrassing. There are a lot of odd people out there but those claiming the PT is genius for copying the OT while bemoaning the ST as a rehash or some of the oddest.

I think the ST actually makes the OT more complete and the PT farther removed.