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TV shows on DVD edited either due to syndicated prints or music rights
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15-Aug-2019, 3:11 AM

Wow, it seems that almost nothing is untouched.

Tales from the Darkside:

The DVD release contains an altered soundtrack without the original music score. Episodes released on VHS during the 1980s do contain the original music score throughout.

Horror (UK) aired the entire run and I was initially planning to record the whole lot but I had nothing to compare the broadcasts with to confirm that they contained the original music score.

The Curse of Steptoe: increasingly censored during re-broadcasts after complaints from the brother-in-law of Harry H. Corbett regarding the portrayal of Corbett’s second wife, with these cuts carrying over to the DVD - which was subsequently pulled from sale by the BBC.

Peaky Blinders: soundtrack substitutions on the US Netflix versions.