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The Lion King (1994) - 35mm (a donors-only project - Released)
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14-Aug-2019, 9:13 AM

Dr. Cooper said:

ccateni said:

movies8414 said:

Is it too late to donate for a copy?

No, I think he will still accept them.
You have to pm him first though.

I already sent movies8414 a PM, but didn’t get an answer yet. 😉

ccateni said:

B.T.W. Will you do a color restore or correction on the 35mm restoration after you release the original restoration?

What exactly do you mean? Of course I’ll do a grading on the scan before it gets released. Otherwise it’ll look pale and grey or maybe it has a strange tint. 😉
Or did you mean previews from the raw scan when you said “original restoration”? Don’t know yet whether I’ll be creating previews or if donors will have to wait a little longer until the graded version is finished like I did with my previous projects. First it has to be scanned anyway. 😄

Either way, both answered my question.