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Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released - though no longer available)
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13-Aug-2019, 1:25 PM


Thanks for the feedback. There were reasons for why those scenes are as they are.

  1. For the first deleted scene you mentioned, I left the dialogue the same because I was trying to allow Ron’s enthusiasm for Hogsmeade to come through by allowing him to repeat the same thing twice and having Harry get tried of hearing it since he had already heard it multiple times. That was the intent.

  2. In the common room scene, Harry is over by the fireplace when Ron and Hermione are arguing about the missing rat. Ron goes to bed while Hermione joins Harry on the couches in front of the fire where they only talk about the Black attack. Harry looks to be consumed with the fact that he could have killed Black. There is no indication that he was aware of the argument Ron and Hermione had. So his questioning Hermione in the next scene seems entirely plausible for me, which is why I left the dialogue as it was.