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My Return of the Jedi Edit (* unfinished project *)
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12-Aug-2019, 7:29 PM

Can we please re-insert Luke building his saber and Vader calling to him? There are restored versions, with replaced mattes and all and they look pretty good!

The rebels storming the shield generator would be a great addition too.

Ewoks shooting blasters would be pretty great as well - I saw someone insert scenes from the old Ewoks movies and it worked pretty well. The hardest part will be making the image quality consistent throughout the film.

Vader fading away after he dies would be pretty cool too. I’ve seen this done in a few fanedits before.

Another great idea,
which I’ve also seen done before, is to put Luke on Dagobah in the very beginning of the movie. This really tightens up the timeline imo (this would require a crawl change as well)

Anyway, these are just a few ideas. Good luck, looks interesting!