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Best Explanation Of Mary Sue Issue
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11-Aug-2019, 2:42 AM
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IsanRido said:

LordPlagueis said:

IsanRido said:

I don’t like the ST myself, but the Mary Sue argument is very silly and indicative of one’s attitude towards women. “We don’t hate women, we hate poorly written characters” doesn’t apply when a person defends the prequel trilogy over these films.

The Mary Sue argument is not indicative of a personal attitude against women. That is ridiculous. A person can think that Rey is a Mary Sue without thinking that all other strong female characters are Mary Sues.

I wasn’t talking about the argument as a whole, I was refering to it in the context of ST criticism. As it turns out, in those films there’s no proof that Rey is some kind of overpowered protagonist with no flaws. She doubts herself constantly, characters can best her physically, and the bulk of The Last Jedi consists of her and other characters failing to do things. So naturally, her being described as Mary Sue raises a few eyebrows.

In the context of the first six films she is an overpowered protagonist, as she just has all these Force powers despite not getting any training within a matter of days, and more importantly her so called failures have little consequences for her personally or for the Resistance. She fails to convince Luke to train her, but despite that her Force powers, and abilities still grow exponentially. She fails to convert Kylo, but Snoke is dead, she manages to escape the Supremacy without so much as a scratch, and despite discovering the truth about her parents, in the next scene is all smiles and giggles, and just in time to save the remaining rebels by removing a ton of rubble without even breaking a sweat (contrast this with Yoda straining as he saves Anakin and Obi-Wan from that falling debris in AOTC, and he’s the most powerful Jedi Master we have seen thusfar for crying out loud). In the end the final scene where she closes the door on Kylo feels more like a victory for her personally, not a defeat. Many fans have a problem with Rey, because it all just comes way too easy for her. Your argument to me boils down to she won the Tour the France, is a Formula 1 champion, and got the Nobel peace price, but she doubts herself, and lost a chess tournement, so she is not overpowered. That’s not very convincing to be honest.