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Amadeus VHS Release (Any Interest?)
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10-Aug-2019, 7:10 PM

I made a copy of my Lumiere/Replublic Pictures (1993?) VHS release of Amadeus years ago, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in such a thing. The picture, while being a Pan and Scan VHS from 3 decades ago, isn’t bad. The audio is excellent, being a stereo release. It’s quite punchy, and not distorted or buzzy.

I’m unable to do any kind of de-interlacing, stabilization, upscaling, etc; so this release would be a raw capture.

I don’t know what the interest in such a thing would be, as there are better releases available and I don’t know if it’s 100% the theatrical cut. It runs 158 minutes where the theatrical is 161 minutes. I think it would appeal as more of a novelty or something for us that grew up with VHSs to get a bit of nostalgia.

It looks great on a CRT television, part of what made me rediscover I had made this copy so many years ago.

Just want to know what you folks think, if anyone would think it worth the upload, or not. I could post some raw screengrabs, if you like…at the moment I don’t feel like bothering with the markdown coding out of pure laziness.