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Chronologically Lost HD (Remaster of Mike Maloney's edit) [FINISHED]
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10-Aug-2019, 4:41 PM

Moiisty said:

So basically this is the same as but HD?

Pretty much, it follows the same structure, just rebuilt using a Blu-ray source this time. Few differences here and there like moving one of the brief time flashes and tidying up the audio mix. Others I couldn’t do like the Season 2 finale having bits gone as they were cut out from the two-part version (on Blu-ray and PAL DVD) and he used a Region 1 DVD source (which I don’t have. Would have upscaled those cut bits and included them if I had full rips of it) which had the episode in its single broadcast form. Maybe if I manage to get a full rip of the finale from that set in the future, I’ll do a version 2 of those episodes (Season 1 finale had a couple of shot differences between releases but not as much as Season 2. Can’t say anything for the rest yet)

ChainsawAsh said:

As someone who’s thought of doing exactly this since I first got hold of Chronologically Lost - thanks for tackling this!

Sure thing. I put together episode 60 (start of Season 3) the other day so it’s getting there.