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The supposed validity of the EU
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9-Aug-2019, 5:09 PM

I personally have no issue with them rebooting the EU, despite being a huge fan of Legends canon. The only minor gripe I have with it is the whole “there are some truths to Legends” slogan they’ve been using as it kinda implies that the new stories are the correct or "true" SW stories, while the old ones are false ones. As far as I’m concerned they should just treat it the same way DC comics does with their multiple continuities and just be blunt about the fact that some times you need to clear up the clutter and start over. If superhero comics can have multiple timelines why can’t SW? I mean it technically does, but they don’t treat it the same way. A lot of fans simply overreacted to the EU being rebooted for the sake of the new movies, but many other fans mostly just seem annoyed by the somewhat negative and dismissive attitude that a lot of people have towards the old stories.