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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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9-Aug-2019, 10:17 AM
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9-Aug-2019, 11:30 AM
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DrDre said:

oojason said:

Trailer searches? I wasn’t aware the trailer for TROS was even out yet.

(Likely soon though - along with the PR machine kicking in with adverts, promos, tie-ins and merchandising etc…)

The article on google search, and trailers is about movies in general, not Star Wars specifically. However, the teaser for TROS on the official channel currently stands at 33 mio views compared to 44 mio for TLJ, if that is any indication. The total views for TROS seem to have been higher compared to TFA and TLJ:

The PR machine for all Disney films has followed a pretty similar trajectory, so while it’s early days, the difference in interest (as measured by google trends) thusfar is quite significant, but I will keep following its progress over the next few months.

Remember to factor in (or note) other social media too mate; and not just facebook, twitter and instagram etc - but also news-streams, and the rising popularity/use of reddit subs and also fan-made/fan-run You Tube channels as growing mediums for this (over the past couple of years especially), for people online to find / retrieve trailers and other assorted film promos & info.


Though I imagine for many people they’re more interested in the content and quality of TROS itself - along with it’s place in the Sequel Trilogy and also the Main Saga. And are not too concerned with comparisons of other brands and franchises etc or google search data - though if you wish delve deeper into this then I suggest a more relevant (or new) thread.

(one which may likely find a wider audience and have more input into the discussion too - whether for TROS itself, the wider Sequel Trilogy, or the Disney era films so far - R1 & Solo included? etc)