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Idea & Help Wanted: Jurassic Park - Original Teaser Trailer 35mm Preservation...
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5-Aug-2019, 1:36 PM
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25-Jul-2020, 9:00 AM
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So over 2 years ago, I (am fairly certain at least) that I won a 35mm original teaser trailer for Jurassic Park. Now, unlike the other trailers for the film, this teaser does not feature any footage from the film. Instead, it features more of the amber mine, then later a microscope zooming in on a mosquito. All of this while featuring original music (NOT by John Williams) and a very 80s-esque narration that makes it all feel very different in tone than how the movie ended up. It almost feels more like a trailer for the novel.

You can see probably the best upload of it I’ve seen at the link below:

Interestingly, for the 25 Anniversary Celebration of the film, they did play this teaser in front of it when I was at Universal Studios Hollywood, and it was clearly restored. Sadly, to this day, it has yet to surface from them officially online or as a bonus feature.

I have wanted this to be preserved for a long time now, but have no way of doing so. If any of you would be interested in making this happen, with the 35mm reel that I HOPE is this trailer, please let me know. I’ll cover the shipping on it both ways, since I would like the reel back; but I only want someone to do this if they really feel as passionate about restoring it as I do. This lowrate YouTube quality is not what this deserves, and this teaser has such a wondrous quality that is a world of its own.