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Sesame Street Classic Skits Perservation
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1-Aug-2019, 9:44 PM

Hello. I have this idea for an animated recreation of the first season of Sesame Street from 1969 to 1970. This project will have all the street scenes completely remade, with a new voice cast. The Muppets and cast skits will have the footage remade, while the audio will remain the same. However, I have found out that some skits from the first season have claimed to be lost, either completely or partially. If anyone has the lost Season 1 skits in its original English audio, then that would be fantastic. I look forward to hearing about these lost Season 1 skits. Thank you very much.

UncutIsSuperior, who will be providing the voice for Mr. Hooper, as well as all the Muppet characters whenever this new cast is needed.