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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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30-Jul-2019, 3:25 PM

DominicCobb said:

What’s unclear with Dooku are his motivations. He reveals Sidious’s plot to Kenobi, but then we learn he’s actually working for Sidious, so why did he reveal the plan? For the majority of AOTC we are lead to believe that he is seeking civil war against the Republic (for independence I guess? Unclear the Separatist motivations), and then we find out he’s enacting out Sidious’s orders. So we are I guess left to believe it’s just galaxy domination/Sith at last getting revenge? Which is fine, but it’s messy and muddled for him.

For Snoke, first of all he’s not the primary villain of either film he’s in, second, his plan is clear from the start - eliminate the Jedi and destroy the Republic.

Exactly! I wasn’t sure if he was trying to turn Obi-Wan or being honest with him in the detention cell scene. If he wasn’t playing at being a double agent of sorts, laying out all the cards about Sidious controlling the senate was a pretty risky move, unless he was pretty certain Obi-Wan would never live to share that intel.
That the Jedi Council never seemed to have actually done anything with that info is beside the point. 😉