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The Chronological Star Wars – A Year-Long Critical Reappraisal
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21-Jul-2019, 9:55 AM
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Before The Force Awakens came out, I marathoned the prequels with a friend who hadn’t seen any of them since the theater (he waited in line with me for Phantom Menace on opening day). I’d seen fan edits of them since, but not the theatrical versions.

Watching them back to back for the first time, I realized the only reason why I think Revenge of the Sith is the best is because it’s the only one that has clear villains established early on (Grevious and Palpatine), and it’s the only one where you can pause it halfway through and describe the plot concisely (TPM is all over the place until the last act, and AotC still doesn’t have any real villain, and we’re already two movies into what is supposed to be a classic space-opera).

I don’t think RotS is very good, but it comes the closest to feeling like an actual movie. There’s a couple scenes and shots that feel like they were taken from a better movie.