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RAW DV VHS transfers of ISD Executor and maybe more (a WIP)
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19-Jul-2019, 1:33 PM

digitalfreaknyc said:

JayArgonaut said:

digitalfreaknyc said:

I’d rather deal with whatever problems NTSC has than ever listen to the pitchy sped-up mess of PAL.

Not all PAL material is affected by the speed up issue and with those that are, it can be easily worked around. I live in a formerly PAL broadcasting nation, my parents are from an NTSC region - I’d rather deal with neither of the problems with both standards.

Every DVD I bought back in the day did. I would say that the ones that compensated were far in the minority. Of course, now it’s extremely easy to work around. Then? Not so much.

Blame studios. PAL pulldown is easy.
With Pal you ger better resolution image and no messed up fields.