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Charles Threepio
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Toy Story (1995) 1.5K restoration in 3D (a WIP; v1.0.3 currently available)
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16-Jul-2019, 7:27 PM
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1-Aug-2019, 4:08 PM
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Charles Threepio
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Looks like I now know what the ES-LA print looked like.

I think Toy Story may have had alternate language titles on its 3D Blu-ray release, but right now the only release where I’m 100% positive about that is the Spanish release, which has English, German, and Castilian Spanish titles. I might need some help creating clean (textless) versions of the opening credits, the message on Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship, the Magic 8-Ball, and the Buzz Lightyear commercial (all in 3D, remember, so textless frames need to be created for each eye), but that depends on the translation instances I can verify.

For example, the French Canadian version has its credits subfont replaced by a serif font, and when Woody is pulled offscreen to reveal the film’s logo behind him it’s just the background for a split second before “Histoire de jouets” appears onscreen. However, at present I’m not sure if the French Canadian text appears on the American and/or Canadian 3D Blu-ray as well.

In addition to sourcing from any 3D Blu-ray release around the world as necessary, I’m also going to need to hunt for the following tapes to verify the extent of the translation work that needs to be done for each language:

  • Castilian Spanish VHS
  • European French VHS
  • German VHS
  • Italian VHS