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Info Wanted: Godzilla 1985 - 5.1 Upmix Project (Can anyone do this?)
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13-Jul-2019, 12:26 PM
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11-Jul-2020, 6:41 PM
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Hey guys! Me and RedMenace are working on a Godzilla 1985 project in collaboration, and as a little side bonus, I thought it would be cool to have an option of a 5.1 Upmix of Godzilla 1985. Now, this is only a possibility, as I am not very good with audio. I don’t even know how difficult it is or if it can be done. However, it does seem extremely interesting to see if it could be done, and it would be a cool new option for Godzilla fans to be able to watch the film with. My question is, anyone who knows about audio and audio mixing, can it be done? And if so, how can it be done? Thanks!