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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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12-Jul-2019, 12:44 PM

DrDre said:

I really want to get excited for episode IX too, but while the trailer got me pumped to a degree, the string of mediocre live action remakes, and the focus on nostalgia rather than fresh and original story telling dampens my excitement quite a bit. What’s everyone talking about in relation to episode IX? How a dead character is going to return, so more nostalgia. It’s not that I hate the new movies, and I think they’re all entertaining enough, and expect IX will be as well, but the fact that it’s a movie in my favourite franchise is not enough anymore. It’s too easy to blame the fans for all the negativity. There are certainly many bad elements in internet and fan culture, but while watching this drama unfold, I can’t help but feel a sense of dread with this enormous, and powerful media empire now having its fingers in most of our beloved properties, and franchises, trying to get its hands in our wallets month after month. There’s going to be more Star Wars movies, not because it makes narrative sense, but because it makes financial sense. The new movies need to be marketable, and recognizable, but need just enough new elements to keep people interested for the next one. I just can’t view these films in the same light anymore. The context of these films, and how they are made have changed, and I guess so have I. For every mediocre Star Wars film, remake, etc Disney churns out banking on our nostalgia, three or more original movies could have been made, perhaps the Star Wars of this generation, and that makes me sad. Billions of dollars are spent on both sides of the fence running in circles. It’s mind boggling if you really think about it. So, yeah there appears to be a lot of internet bullshit, but I see a lot of it as a symptom of a larger issue.

DrDre thank you for being civilized with your opinions as usual. It makes me angry that not all Star Wars fans can appreciate the ST, and I blame the creators for that. But IMO I do think there is meaningful and valuable storytelling going on thus far. You think that it’s too easy to just blame the fans, I agree with you. But it’s also too easy to blame the “evil kathleen kennedy disney franchise ruining greedy empire” as so many fans have so obviously have stated. Everybody thinks they understand the whole picture. If you look at both directors that being JJ and Rian, from what I have gathered they REALLY do give a shit. I don’t think its fair AT ALL to say none of the new creative vision matters. You can choose to see them as the “evil corporation” ruining my star wars, or you can view it as a group of people who despite common belief were actually given creative freedom. (Or obviously somewhere in the middle) Dre we all know about the modern day remake machine in hollywood, and we know it has infected Disney. But I personally don’t think its fair to say the ST is just a modern remake cash grab. If you personally weren’t emotionally affected by the new stories being told then honestly I wish you were. Dre I know you don’t like the new story, my only hope is that you along with many other fans try giving the story ANOTHER chance. That’s what the movies are ultimately about and its the ONLY reason why they are valuable. Everyone needs to stop carrying in all this extra baggage to these movies which are supposed to bring everybody together (which I know people will find ignorant to say). But this is the last one. Is it too much to ask people for once to stop pointing fingers at each other, come together, and enjoy this classic we all love? None of us would be here on this site if we didn’t have the utmost respect and love for the franchise. My point is, THIS IS IT. The last time we will see these characters we love on screen. The final performance of Carrie Fischer. The end to the saga. The last installment that REALLY MATTERS as far as me or you is concerned. Whether people like it or not, I’m just happy we’ve all had a place to come and discuss this stuff after all these years. I love this site. If anyone has read this far thanks for listening. Peace.