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Last of the Jedi (Purist version of the Clean Cut)
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11-Jul-2019, 3:45 PM

Sym Bionic Titan said:

Hi FGR, thanks for sharing your fantastic edit.
I’ve been through many edits now, Fallen Knight, Ivan O’s, Hals etc looking for the one that is closest to my tastes and is a version that I can bear to watch in the future, and this is it.
The editing is excellent and the cuts, although major, improve the movie for me and keep it more focused.

The only (subjective)things remaining that still bug me are:
When Hux says “fire” I’d like to see ships actually fire at Poes Xwing. It takes quite a while after the order before the first blasts are fired, but I realise this would have to be added rather than use existing footage.
I would love to see the end to Hux puppy faces.
Remove Hux repeating Kylos command, doesn’t feel the right time for a gag.
When Leia calls Poe over to explain about the base they are heading to, he looks up from an awkward position, almost like he has been caught masturbating or having a pee.
I’d like to cut Poe’s “she pulled them off” line, TLJ does a lot of telling the audience what is happening.
Maybe reinstate Finns attempted sacrifice as he has almost no meaning now which is a shame. Maybe not have Rose save him though to avoid the “saving those we love” cheese.

Other things I’d like to mention is Luke saving Leia. I don’t like what the director has done with force powers, especially the Ar Skype calls, but the damage is now done. Luke saving Leia remotely fits perfectly and is very powerful.
Also, lightsaber guards, fantastic.

Great work, loved it, thank you. Only need now a Hi Res version with higher quality sound 😃

Thanks for the constructive feedback! I appreciate it and I’ll keep it in mind if I ever revisit this edit - I’m glad you enjoyed it!