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Fang Zei
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Star Wars '77 70mm theatrical screening signed off by George Lucas himself!
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11-Jul-2019, 3:28 PM

The bigger discussion that kinda does warrant its own thread is just how much control George does or doesn’t have over this sort of thing now. Isn’t it a little suspicious that for all those years when he still owned LFL he never allowed screenings of the OOT and now that he doesn’t anymore he “granted his permission?”

Like I said in the other thread, it was probably just a formality by the Academy considering their long history with George going all the way back to Graffiti. Notice how Disney hasn’t been mentioned at all in regards to this news?

All of this assumes, btw, that John Dykstra wasn’t just joking when he said they had to get George’s permission. I wonder if anyone managed to capture video/audio of him saying that.