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Star Wars '77 70mm theatrical screening signed off by George Lucas himself!
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10-Jul-2019, 10:51 PM
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12-Jul-2019, 12:30 AM
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So it’s been confirmed - George Lucas himself has signed off on the public screening of an unaltered print version of 1977 Star Wars!

See the below post from DavidMDaut who’s Tweet is referenced in multiple news articles and videos online. The post comes from the below thread where the topic is being actively discussed:

DavidMDaut said:

Just got out. Program began with Rogue One introduced by John Knoll. Super neat, but that’s not why you’re here.

John Dykstra introduced a 70mm print struck for the UK but never screened (I heard someone say it was ‘81, but the date was never formally stated). It was never screened because the first time it was projected, the print tore, and thus there was about two seconds of pretty major damage right as the Death Star blows up, but otherwise, the print was immaculate. Minimal damage and virtually no fading. “A New Hope” was on the crawl, but otherwise, it’s the original film.

Apparently, after some convincing, Lucas himself signed off on the Academy showing this version of the film. That’s huge, because he has firmly not allowed the original version to be publicly screened since before 1997. What does that mean for future releases? Who can say, but this screening is something that seemed impossible just one week ago.