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The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)
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10-Jul-2019, 1:05 PM

Sorry if some of the following suggestions are things that you’re already implementing, but there are a few other things that poppasketti does that I REALLY appreciate.

1. Very slightly trim Paige’s grabbing the detonator

  • It’s not a major thing but helps a bit with the believability of it all. It really does feel like an impossible feat.

2. Cut Luke drinking milk (just that shot, not the scene)

  • I’m all about Luke milking the breast of a bizarre alien and drinking her milk, but it just feels more elegant and kinda endearing when Luke’s bizarre milk-covered scowl is cut and we just see Rey’s reaction.

3. Cut Maz’s line about having a physical relationship with the codebreaker

  • I know you appreciate the sexual undertones of TLJ, but if you cut this completely then you wouldn’t have to worry about adjusting the timing of Rose and Finn’s reaction.

And I know I might sound like a broken record at this point, but I’ll mention it one more time - I’m a huge advocate for redubbing the “parking violation” alien on Canto Bight. Maybe it doesn’t bother other people the same way it bothers me, but his southern drawl really takes me out of things. Plus including some alien language with subtitles would give it some OT vibes.