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The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)
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10-Jul-2019, 9:55 AM

I won’t be of much help about this, since I don’t believe TLJ needs that many things to be removed. My only issues with the theatrical cut that can be fixed are essentially the “MCU stuff” (and not even all of it). That being said, about the V3 changes :

Remove the silly mugshot of Hux after commenting on Poe’s X-wing approaching
Remove Rey interpreting Chewbacca to Luke (He just responds with “The Falcon?”)

Seems like good ideas.

Remove Luke’s quip about Jakku being “pretty much nowhere”

Well I like this joke 😃

Remove Rose responding to Finn’s “MTFBWY” with “you too.”

Yeah, in favor of removing it. Finn has just been around for like 24 hours, I don’t get why he would be some kind of rock star.

Tighten up Finn and Rose’s reaction to Maz’s “Oh yes, he can” for better timing

Why not ?

Reinstate a trimmed version of the balcony scene overlooking kids and horses being beaten on Canto Bight

Yep, I agree without that the movie lacks depth.

Reinstate Rey asking Kylo Ren if he has a cowl to put on

Funny that we’ll never agree about that 😄 we have the same interpretation of the film, but we don’t interpret this sequence the same way.

V1 changes redacted in V2:

Hux being berated by Snoke

(the scene doesn’t work at all)

V1 or V2 changes for which I don’t agree with :

Trimmed Paige kicking the ladder slightly
Removed Rose repeating, “They can track us through lightspeed.“
Removed Luke’s line to R2, “Nothing can make me change my mind.”
Trimmed some of the comedy with BB8 being placed under a basket
Removed the detail from Kylo Ren that Rey’s parents are buried in the Jakku desert