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Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)
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8-Jul-2019, 6:30 AM
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8-Jul-2019, 7:34 AM
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I must say I’m very glad with V6. I remember when I first saw Hal’s edit of EpII, my only issues where the weird “Kamino system” alien voice, the lack of the droid factory scene to address the continuity problem on Geonosis (and to put back some action at a necessary moment), and a few other stuff here and there (most of the little stuff had already been fixed with V5 compared to V4 which was the first version I saw).

I don’t mind Dax scene at all (especially here without the bad introduction), as I remember one of my first posts on this topic was probably about putting it back to address the “Kamino system” issue. As for the Jar Jar stuff, when Dom talked about his own edit he mentioned he would be putting this kind of stuff back, so rewatching those two short scenes I’m like “well, why cutting that in the first place anyway since there is nothing bad ?” (good idea to leave the senate emergency power scene as it was in v5 though). It’s also probably unconscious for most of us, with what we recently learned with Ahmed Best difficult time with the Jar Jar bashing.

Other little stuff put back are incidental so small that I’m fine with it (I haven’t got time to watch it entirely, just the main changes over V5, but given the changelist I’m sure it’s cool). It gives EpII back most of its original content without the very bad stuff, which is something I was looking for since I’m more and more tolerant with the PT and its defaults as time passes. V6 is a very conservative edit, removing the worst and keeping what’s necessary to not feel in front of a fanedit (yeah, Anakin’s creepy look is lame but the cut in V5 wasn’t that seamless). I also believe you’re the first faneditor to finally remove this awkward shot of Anakin watching his foot to reveal… Padmé lying in the sand ! Where is Marcia Lucas when we need her ! 😉

The only thing I would have put back is the title “Darth Tyranus” and maybe Octoroxx idea of reusing EpIII footage. Aside from that, I believe V6 is as close as possible to the perfect EpII cut according to my taste. I would however be interested to see a mock up of a trimmed confession scene, just to check if it could improved something.

As I am thinking about the alternate audio track I made for V5, I’ve just found the following that I could duplicate for V6 (most of my V5 changes are no longer relevant for V6):

  • Replace Padmé’s “Ani” with “Anakin” taken from the deleted scene (All channels)

  • Add eerie motif at Kamino from McNeely’s “Imperial City” (All channels)

  • Replace ending cue with McNeely’s “Imperial City” excerpt (All channels)

As soon as I find time, I’ll try to do it. It was so painful to make the alternate audio for the ending that I want to keep it V6 compliant 😄

edit: oh too bad we didn’t think of that sooner : adding the necklace Anakin gave to Padmé in EpI during the wedding in EpII. I don’t remember if we talked about that during V5.