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Small details that took you FOREVER to notice in the Star Wars films
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6-Jul-2019, 1:25 AM

If you’re like me, you’ve watched the Star Wars series a countless amount of times. During the occasional viewing I find myself noticing a small detail that I hadn’t seen before, and it always leaves me dumbfounded when I consider how many times I had watched the film without managing to see it. I can only assume that the same can be said for everyone else on this site, which is why I pose the following task:

  • Post a small detail in a Star Wars film that took you many viewings to notice

I’ll start with an example. This is a pretty recognizable shot from ANH, right?

Well somehow despite having watched this movie over and over, it was only recently that I realized how the troopers in the foreground have these specialized space-backpacks. They might even be jetpacks for all I know, and they obviously don’t match the sandtrooper gear either which makes them an entirely unique design. I don’t think they show up anywhere else aside from this one particular shot.

It just amazes me how many little details and design concepts go into these movies, many of which are completely glossed over by the average viewer. I encourage you to post your own, maybe we can all discover something we didn’t know about.