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Help Me Understand Empire Strikes Back?
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4-Jul-2019, 7:04 PM

Mocata said:

AMine said:
This time, I watched it on our living room TV and with the occasional taking the dog out for a few moments even then, I now better understand the story and the reason it was so loved and praised by many.

Empire is such a mood movie for me, it’s dark and mysterious and spends time more on real characterisation than anything of the others. It’s also strange and ambiguous in places, are there any particular moments that you have in mind? SW is still my favourite because it’s lighter and fits that adventure movie arc, but they’re almost on equal footing.

Well, I mean… personally I find the stranger parts to be the most entertaining to me. If you mean scenes like the introduction of Yoda, or the Ewoks beginning to worship C-3PO, then I have to say those scenes seem like they add alot of character to the surroundings. Maybe that sounds weird. 😛