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Blood Simple original cut
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3-Jul-2019, 9:06 PM

riftamos said:

springfeel said:

IT would probably be too much work but i wouldn’t mind syncing the original audio to the directors cut , I’ve never seen the original but it sounds like modernized effects were added to the DC.

The real question is if you want original audio on the Directors cut or a proper release of the Theatrical cut. The only place to get truly un-altered copy of the film is the Japanese Laserdisc with a reported uncut run time of 99 minutes.

The UK dvd release is purportedly a theatrical cut of the film (listed at 95 minutes) but it is PAL formated and therefore sped up - the audio will not sync with the Bluray releases. Doing an NTSC conversion to slow the frame rate and resync / retone the audio would be a project but it’s been done before.

I’m hoping MrBrown will share a copy of the UK dvd with me so I can look at slowing it back to the original run time.

I believe the US Laserdisc lands somewhere in between, it has a 96 minute run time but lacks the “Four Tops” soundtrack, however, I believe it does have some scenes and dialog that were later cut and the original sound effects.

I’d still offer to split costs on the Japanese Laserdisc - I’d like to apply some video processing to it and do a 720p scale, I think it will come out quite nicely.

I actually did take care of slowing it down back to its original NTSC speed and uploaded it on MySpleen