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3-Jul-2019, 12:57 PM
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A surprisingly enjoyable light-hearted rom-com from Danny Boyle & Richard Curtis. I don’t usual like much of Curtis rom-com sugar schmaltz or his usual portrayal of the UK - though think Boyle may have had input to remedy this (for me, anyway).

The film sped through it’s 2 hour run-time - obviously helped by a boss soundtrack, some decent jokes at the expense of some in the music industry, and some great chemistry and performances from the two leads. (with also by a surprisingly decent Ed Sheeran!)

It does skip over the allure/magic of the performances of Fab Four themselves - as well as the era they were in - and instead concentrates on the songs, though are very ably performed by the effortlessly likable Himesh Patel.

Everyone, literally everyone, in the cinema where I watched it stayed to the end of the credits - a song we’ve all heard countless times before played throughout… probably due to it sounding SO brilliant in the cinema surrounding.

A really likable feel-good film, and one I’d happily watch again (hopefully with more deleted scenes/content in the blu ray).


The scene with John… man, that was hard to take in and absorb; I knew it was coming, it was done well, wasn’t sugary (in a Richard Curtis style), it was poignant and had impact on the plot/film itself - though I just wish it had been slightly longer… and maybe had referenced George, Paul & Ringo too.

4 woofs from a possible 5.