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Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader-My Youtube channel about film transfers, Laserdisc and film theory
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2-Jul-2019, 8:55 PM

I finally started making videos of my Laserdisc collection because I got tired of the general lack of info on the format for most online videos and the fact that no one discusses transfers etc.
So if you’re interested or simply bored and have some spare time I’ve been doing uploads where I go through each title one at a time and discuss the transfer, sound, packaging and a little history. My channel has now expanded to simply be about all media formats.
Primarily I talk about transfers, but there is a bit of film history and theory.

Admittedly these videos are very low fi but I was tired of “LDs suck or were stupid” videos or mere pickup ones without detail.
I’ve been doing some livestreaming so stop by if you are interested.
This week’s livestream is at 8:30 tonight.