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"Faces" '95 THX Laserdisc Preservation
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2-Jul-2019, 9:28 AM

JawsTDS said:

I’m in the process of capturing the “Faces” Laserdisc set and was wondering if any completionists out there would need it? (I recall a user saying they were looking for this).

This preservation contains all of the content on the “Faces” set from the Fox Video logo to the FBI Logo.

I have only captured Star Wars so far and will capture the rest tomorrow. If you have any recommendations as to capturing and quality, please let me know.

CAPTURED WITH: Pioneer CLD-980 (COMPOSITE) to Hauppage USB-Live2.

AUDIO: LPCM Stereo 1536kbps.

RESOLUTION: 720x480i (non-anamorphic).

I know the GOUT DVDs made use of the master from the DC and “Faces” set, but this contains the 1981(?) crawl, which some people like and the interviews straight from the laserdisc. Plus, a lot of people (like myself) grew up watching this set and it has a lot of nostalgia.

Also, I have not preformed any cleanup on the image.


I am also working on a preservation of the “Faces” laserdiscs. I’m planning to do a sharpen/detail and cleanup of the image with a scale to 720p. I think with my video processing equipment this should look pretty fantastic, the one thing I currently lack is bit perfect audio capture.

I’ll certainly keep everyone informed - happy to contribute to JawsTDS if you need my help. I can send you a raw rip of ROTJ without any cleanup or edit if you are having capture issues